Getting Information At A Single Place Is More Convenient. In Industrial Panels, Placing Three Voltmeters And Ammeter And A Frequency Meter Is More Space Consuming. Instead Of Using Three Voltmeters, Ammeter And A Frequency Meter Separately, We Can Use All These Seven Meters In A Single Meter. This Reduces More Space On Panel Door. VIF Meter 9990 Is Made For The Same. VIF Meter 9990 Is Capable Of Measuring Six Voltages, Three Currents And A Frequency In A Single Unit. VIF Meter Continuously Senses Three Input Phase Voltages With Neutral And Phase Currents And Displays.

General Features

  • Combined Display Voltage, Current And Frequency.
  • Friendly User Interface.
  • Easy To Install.


Display Features

  • P-N Voltage Of Each Phase
  • P-P Voltage Of Each Phase
  • Current Of Each Phase
  • Frequency

Control Features

  • Site Adjustable CT Primary Up To 6000.
  • Auto And Manual Scrolling Display Mode




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