AXV300 - Modular Servodrives


  • 3 X 400 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Motor Ratings From 2.7 KW (3.6 Hp) To 120 KW (160 Hp)
  • IP20 Protection Rating
  • Markings: CE

General Characteristics:

all AXV300 Modules Need A 24 VDC Supply Voltage To Power The Regulation Card/internal Logic And Fans.

AXV300 Range Of Axis Modules:

motor Control Loop (brushless Or Asynchronous);
current Loop Closing: 16 KHz (62.5 μsec);
speed Loop Closing: 4 KHz (250 μsec);
I2t Overload: Slow (150% In X 60 Sec) And Fast (200% In X 0.5 Sec);
management Of Local Encoder For Closing Current/speed Loops;
alarm Management;
management Of GStar Communication From/to The AXV300-CU Control Module;

AXV300-SM Power Supply Module:

DC-link Output Voltage: 565 VDC
output Power 11-22-44 Kw
thermal Overload And Pre-alarm Output For External PLC
integrated Braking Unit
indicator LEDs
external Pre-charge Contactor Output
I2t Overload

AXV300-SR + AXV300-AFE-SR Regenerative Supply Module:

AXV300-AFE-SR: Regenerative Supply Control Module
indicator LEDs
signal Display
external Pre-charge Contactor Output

AXV300-SR: Range Of Power Modules For Regenerative Supply Modules

DC-link Output Voltage: 625 VDC
used With The AXV300 AFE-SR Control Module It Forms The System’s Regenerative Supply Module
I2t Overload: Slow (150% In X 60 Sec) And Fast (200% In X 0.5 Sec);

AXV300-CU: Control Unit Module:

System Initialisation
System Alarm Management
Software Updates
2-way GSTAR Optical Fibre System For Communication With Axes (max 4x2 Axes)
Set-point Calculation/transmission
Reading Of Significant Values
MDPlc Development Environment
Execution Of Application (e.g. Positioner, Electric Shaft ..)
Fieldbus Communication (CANopen Port)
Modbus RTU RS232 Connection
Programmed Via PC Using The GF_eXpress Configurator
Serial Port For Connection To Auxiliary Programming Keypad (currently Being Developed)
SD-card For Storing Configurations And Downloading System Data
Standard I/O

  • 2 Analog Inputs -10 V…+10 V
  • 1 Analog Output -10 V…+10 V @ 5 MA
  • 4 Opto-isolated Digital Inputs HTL 0…30 V
  • 2 Opto-isolated Digital Outputs 30 V @ 40 MA
  • 1 Opto-isolated Digital Output 30 V @ 500 MA

Encoder Management (with Additional Module)

  • Digital Encoder
  • Sinusoidal Encoder
  • 5-track SinCos Encoder
  • 2-pole Resolver
  • Encoder With EN-DAT 2.1/EN-DAT 2.2 Protocol
  • Absolute Encoder With SSI/BiSS Protocol
  • Control Unit Communication Via High-speed Fieldbus (with Additional GD-Net, Ethercat, Etc. Module);


The Line Of AXV300 Modular Drives Is The Result Of The Experience Gained By Gefran In Over 30 Years Of Working In Close Partnership With The Leading Industrial Automation Manufacturers.

Powering Each “multi-axis” System By Means Of “common DC Bus” Ensures The Gefran Clean Power Formula Thanks To The Standard Use Of Active Front End Technology, Which Further Increases Dynamic Performance And At The Same Time Guarantees Energy Efficiency By Regenerating To The Grid And Avoiding Unnecessary Waste On Brake Resistance.

The Structurally Excellent Range Of Modular Axes Includes A Wide Choice Of Power Combinations For Up To A Total Of 120 KW. It Offers 7 Mechanical Sizes With Rated Currents Of 5 A To 200 A For Motor Modules As Well As Regenerative Or AC/DC Power Supply Modules.

The AXV300 Implements Advanced Application Solutions Based On Positioning And Interpolation, Structured In IEC 61131-3 Programming Environments. Communication Via Ethernet Or CAN Bus Enables Total Integration Into The Most Commonly-used PLC System Architectures.


  • Two Control Modes For Brushless And Asynchronous Motors (currently Being Developed)
  • Current Regulator Autotuning
  • I2t Overload: Slow (150% In X 60 Sec) And Fast (200% In X 0.5 Sec);
  • Operating Modes:
    • Torque And/or Speed (directly On Axis Module)
    • Position: On CU Module In MDPLC
    • ELS, Electronic Line Shaft On CU Module In MDPLC
  • Fieldbus Management: CANopen, Ethernet
  • GSTAR Optical Fibre System For High-speed Communication Between CU And Axis Modules (max 4x2 Axes)
  • Programmed Via PC Using The GF_eXpress Configurator
  • MDPLC Advanced Development Environment (according To IEC 61131-3)


  • CU Module: Version With Encoder Module (integrated)
  • CU Module: Version With Real Time Ethernet Module (Integrated)
  • CU Module: I/O Expansion (currently Being Developed)
  • Dedicated EMC Filters (compliant With European Directive EN 61800-3)
  • Braking Resistor (standard For The Entire Range)
  • Output Choke (standard For The Entire Range)
  • Input Choke For Conventional Or Regenerative Supply Module
  • SD Card For Storing Machine Data
  • RS232 Serial Line Kit For Connection To PC
  • Optical Fibre Connection Kit
  • Standardised Application SW Programs In PLC Mode
  • Development Tool For IEC 61131-3 Environment: MDPlc


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