ADP200 - Inverter For Servopump Hybrid Injection Machines


Full Vector Inverter From 7.5 KW Up To 75 KW With Special PID Function For Servopump Hybrid Injection Machines

  • Mains Supply:
    • 3 X 230-400 -480 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Motor Ratings From 7,5kW (10Hp) To 75kW (100Hp)
  • Certifications: CE


  • Motor Type: Synchronous Motors
  • Regulation Control Mode: Vector Control With Feedback (Encoder Expansion Card Mandatory)
  • Max Output Frequency 300Hz
  • DC Side Choke Integrated In ADP200-4300...5750 Models.
  • AC Side External Choke Mandatory In ADP200-5S550 And ADP200-5S750 Models
  • EMC Filter Integrated In -F Models (EN61800-3 Category C2 And C3)
  • Dynamic Braking Module Integrated With External Resistor (except ADP200-5750 Model)
  • Overload Management 170% X In (per 60 Sec.), 200% X In (per 3 Sec)
  • Multilanguage Programming Software
  • Advanced Programming Via MDPLC Tool (IEC 61131-3 Standard Environment)
  • Integrated Simplified Programming Keypad And Optional Keypad With Multiple Languages LCD Display
  • 3 Differential Analog Inputs:
    • 1 For Pressure Sensor:
      • Voltage: 0…10 V Or 0.1…10.1 V (3 Wires)
      • Current: 0…20 MA Or 4…20mA (2 Wires)
    • 2 For Flow/pressure References Or General Purpose:
      • Voltage: +/- 10 V
      • Current: 0…20 MA Or 4…20 MA
  • 1 Analog Output: 0…10 V O 0~20mA /4~20mA
  • 6 Digital Inputs + Enable
  • 2 Digital Outputs
  • 2 Relay Outputs
  • 1 Motor Protection Input (compatible With PTC, KTY, Klixon)
  • RS485 Serial Line (Modbus RTU Protocol)
  • Integrated CAN Fieldbus Communication (in –C Version)
  • Speed Feedback Through Resolver Card
  • Wide Range Of Optional Encoder Cards
  • Integrated Slot For SD Card
  • IP20 Protection Degree

Above Listed Features Represent Standard Configuration With EXP-IO-D8A4R2-ADP (I/O Card) And EXP-RES-I1-ADP (resolver Card)


The New ADP200 Inverter Series Represent An Innovative Concept In Drive Technology, The Result Of Constant Technological Research And The Know-how In Plastics Applications That The Krish Engineers Has Acquired By Working Side By Side With Major Sector Players.
This New Series Has Been Engineered And Developed To Satisfy The Real Needs Of Plastics Machine Manufacturers And To Provide Them The Best And Most Economically Competitive Innovations On International Markets.
Based On Full Mechanical Modularity, A Powerful And “fully Open” Programming Platform, And A Specific PID Algorithm For Injection Molding Machine Servopump Control, The ADP200 Offers Completely Flexible Integration And High Performance For Plastics Applications.

  • FOC Closed Loop
  • Single And Multi-pump Control
  • pressure And Flow Control
  • High Stability


  • Self-tuning Rotational And Stand Still Of Speed-current-flux Regulators And Motor Data Identification
  • PID Function Block For Injection Molding Machine Application
  • Flow And Pressure Limit Control
  • Pressure Sensor Status Control
  • Adaptive Feedforward
  • Automatic Switchover Between Closed-loop Speed And Pressure Control
  • Speed And Pressure Control Loops Tuning
  • Pump Rotation Direction Identification
  • Multipump Convergent And Divergent Control
  • MODBUS And CANopen (on Version –C) Communication


  • LCD Keypad With Internal Memory
  • Optional I/O Card
  • 24 Vdc External Power Supply
  • SD Card Adaptor
  • Braking Unit
  • Encoder Expansion Cards
  • External EMC Filters
  • Braking Resistors
  • Chokes


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