In Alternating-current Power Systems For Protection Against Excessively Large Currents Under Short-circuit Or Transient Conditions. Series Reactor Are Connected In Series With The Line Or Feeder.Basically Reactors Are Used For Fault Current Reduction, Load Balancing In Parallel Ckt, Limitting Inrush Current Of Capacitor Bank In APFC Panel.

6205 5KVAR 6230 30KVAR
6210 10KVAR 6240 40KVAR
6215 15KVAR 6250 50KVAR
6220 20KVAR 6275 75KVAR
6225 25KVAR 6200 100KVAR

General Features

  • Single Or Three Phase, High Permeable Iron Core, Air Gapped Design
  • High Quality Copper Or Aluminium Windings
  • Linearty According To Resonance Frequency
  • Thermal Switch For Overload Protection (optional)
  • Vacuum Impregnated Varnish To Ensure Silent And Moisture-immune Operation
  • Reactors Manufactured As Per IS 5553/IEC -60289 (1988)
  • Insulation Class 'F'
  • Temp. Rise Restricted To Class 'B' With Harmonocs 6-10% Above Fundamental Current.
  • Value Accuracy Within +1.5%
  • Tin Plated Terminals For Connections
  • Noise Level Less Than 60dB At Rated Load
  • Temperature Rise Not Exceeding 50-55°C Above Ambient With 10% Harmonic Currents Super Imposed.
  • Adequate Cushion Provide To Avoid Heating Due To Leakage Flux.
  • Mechanically Sturdy Design To Withstand Vibrations. Keep Low Noise Level & Ensure Performance Guarantee


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